Domiziani Family

Trained in the art of Majolica ceramics by his father and grandfather, Roberto Domiziani founded the company in the 1980s in Deruta Italy. In the late 1980s, Roberto recognized there was a large market in Europe for more expressionist patterns, and he started experimenting with different techniques and materials. As he began to create more individually unique masterworks, he quickly began to view his table tops as functional art. This was the genesis of Domiziani Design as we know it today . . . INNOVATIVE, CREATIVE, and VISIONARY.

In 2017, the showroom and factory were moved about 5 kilometers away to Torgiano. As the tradition of ceramics is deeply rooted in the Italian DNA, in 2018, the next Domiziani generation, Sofia & Christopher, took the helm, allowing Roberto to do what he does best, CREATE!

Pictured L to R: Sofia, Roberto, and Christopher Domoziani
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